Depression is a very common disorder now days among all the generations, but neglecting such a disorder can lead to destruction and worsening of an individual personality. Every individual is unique and special and therefore every person has different abilities of handling this disorder or getting rid of it even varies person to person. This article is for all those who are suffering from such a feeling even. Let’s find out how to beat this disorder.


The very first step is to identify whether you are really in depression or not? A depressive person isn’t able to sleep properly even when the person wakes up doesn’t wants to get up , life feels miserable and the person feels helpless, the person criticizes himself or herself for no reason, tries to compare his personality with the supreme personalities and feels jealous every time and gets disheartened, gets tired of your attempts and feels like losing appetite or overeating habits occurs, have irritable behavior and not feeling good doing activities what the person loved to do just because of bad attitude, always have thoughts of serious suicidal attempts in his minds.

If above symptoms are occurring in your daily routine then it’s time to get aware of that you are in depression and needs immediate help, but don’t worry following certain ways you can cure this disorder if it is at a milder stage and of course the only person who can change your life is you.


There are several reasons behind depression, alcoholic and drug addiction, losing a close friend, aggressive unromantic relationship; unrewarding life, financial reasons, and undesirable environment are the general causes of depression.

In some cases genetic causes may be the reason behind depression, if your family members has suffered from depression doesn’t matter whether they have undergone treatment or not due to bad life experiences, Then it is a certain cause that have arrived in your life which you can exfoliate by being the creator of your own destiny and a beautiful life.

Improper medication or hormonal imbalance can be another cause of depression which arrives as a side effect in one’s life so please check whether you are really dependent on some kind of pills like sleeping pills or any other regular pill that is not adapted by your body comfortably and is making your body weaker.



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Yes exactly! Writing down your thoughts and daily activities in a diary will make you aware of what you are feeling and how you are reacting or were that so important to be worried about, you will be inert to the activities that will go out of your comfort zones and you will better be a solution seeker. Sometimes what happens we become very much dependent on asking others for the solutions, that could be again a root cause of depression because you tend to become a person you don’t want to be and ultimately you are left with the self criticism. But writing journals about daily activities in the evening will make you more relaxed and filled with better solutions.


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Thinking positively is difficult today, but that’s an art of a successful personality, looks how Deepika Padukone has overcome depression and now she is the queen of hearts, so nothing is coincidence every moment is an opportunity, feeling positive will do the most of your task easy and then you can say bye bye to depression. Always be cheerful and smiling and see positive side of anything, for e.g. a glass is not half empty its half filled at least, you can have a hopeless end or an endless hope. Make it a habit to remember your achievements daily and reasons of loving yourself daily or being grateful about and gradually you will analyze that you have mastered this art of being positive because ultimately it’s all about what you feel for yourself, others feel the same for you, if you are guilty about something others will feel the same for you, they’ll feel pity of you. So chill and love yourself and you will realize people will start loving you the way you are, don’t forget to smile that’s what will make you stronger and happier even if you are not.


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Yes it’s important, take proper bath daily, brush your teeth, and comb your hairs because the moment you will feel good about yourself others will feel the same, as mentioned above, look beautiful feel beautiful, be the best version of you even if you are feeling like not getting out or you wana cry like anything don’t let others see what you are feeling from inside, this will kill the negativity and guess what you will realize that you have overcome depression.


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It’s the best way of feeling happier and successful, if you are doing something you don’t like feel that it’s something what is really good, it is possible by looking at the positive side of anything and having a why list that why are you doing that work or how far you have reached, never feel like you are doing anything to impress others, it’s something what is going to benefit you and that’s when you will do it the best way.


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Proper diet including fruits, berries, juices, lots of water, eating on time by not skipping any of the 3 meals. Exercising daily is very important even if you are going for a walk alone or along with your dog will make you feel relaxed and much more motivated throughout the day. Always sleep on time, have a proper management,complete your tasks on time and go to sleep on time and wakes up on time, sleep of at least 6 hrs is very much important for your health. Following these things will definitely bring out positive results and u will realize that now you are feeling much more relaxed and less worried about yourself.


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If someone is bothering you a lot from an instance in your life that you feel very depressive of being with that person then just try to get out of that relationship as soon as possible, by ignoring that person and spending little time, whether it’s your husband cheating over you or any friend, now spend time with all those who are really having a good company and behavior. Share your depression only with those who can really understand or cares for you or have already suffered from the same problem but don’t get used to it. Be generous and kind to the people around you like a quote in Hindi “KUCHH IS TARAH MAINE APNE GHAM KO KHATM KAR DIA, KISI SE MAAFI MANG LI KISI KO MAAF KAR DIA” which means apologize and forgive policy is the best, if it’s your mistake accept it and if someone is really sorry ,it’s okay forgive that guy, but don’t let anyone repeat something again and again that’s a bad indication.

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