Everyone wants to beat the stress in his or her life and very few are able the built the right amount of self confidence in them and cope up with the problem happily.

Here I am to support all those who feels that they are not happy with what they are they have some life goals but didn’t achieve,want to have a perfect life everyone should follow the steps I am going to mention .See guys first thing have an optimistic attitude while reading this and always remember all the successful people who are your role models or I can say numerous of people you want to be like have undergone with such a situation ,so chill and execute the solutions Let’s get started

  1. Always think that you are the best

See nobody is something that u can be, you can be always you or the best version of yourself so never try to feel intimidated of who you are , have faith in you because that will make u best always while trying something new, this way you’ll be able to find new abilities in yourself and you will be considered as one of the best persons by everyone you’d be surrounded.

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  1. Think positive

Thinking positive will not solve your problem immediately but yeah it pumps you for being calm and finding out the best solutions ever ,I know it’s not that easy to look for positivity in worst situations but positive thinking reduces stress and support you mentally. You can easily increase your thinking power, reduced health impacts. And keep in mind whatever happens it happens with the wish of God.

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  1. Be your own sunshine

This is very much important for every individual to find happiness and glory in their own company first then in some one else’s company, we often feel depressed for not being in touch with someone but seriously do you really want that ,is it that important, a big no.You are born alone and u will die alone, only sound of silence will stay forever like a constant support , u can say it as supreme power, until you are happy with your own being nobody can make you feel happier always remember if you want anyone to love you first learn to love yourself.

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  1. Improve yourself daily

If something wrong happens, always remember you are the only problem and you are the only solution. So try to improve yourself ,make a better version of yourself day by day it’s ok if you do mistakes but don’t forget to improve it, have a learning attitude because that will embrace your ability to improve what is required and sense the mistakes that you are supposed to eradicate from yourself.

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  1. Write your dreams

Yes it really works, if you are stressed with something write down what will make you happier, this means you are looking a vision and writing for motivational boost now you will either work for that or realise you never did anything for what u always neglected other things. Why it happened to you coz you were never serious, but now u will be coz you can regularly go through that even, try this practice and see the results.

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  1. Believe in law of attraction

This whole universe is working on the law of attraction, the secret of this law which says what u believe you create, you make things that you want to make possible, but unfortunately people focus a lot on problems and tensions and keeps on thinking about the solutions positively andabout the better versions of your experiences .see that it will be continued  in your life forever, and that problem will vanish u won’t even realise when did it appear and you overcame a blunder situation start investing yourself in making a best version, feel beautiful and happening, be strong and attentive, have good day.

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  1. Don’t lose your temper

This happens after every single hour along with people who are negative and depressed, guys nothing is permanent in this universe you are solely responsible for whatever is going on. Take a deep breath and think in your mind is it that important to shout or be tensed no man! Always feel that you are not going to behave badly with anyone, instead of getting irritated every time ignore the stupidity around you that’s the best solution.Learn to remain calm like the most successful people we have bill gates, Steve jobs, M.S.dhoni ,Ambani and lot more.


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  1. Change your company

Now some people would feel which company to opt. Although you should not depend on company but what kind of people you are with really matters because to remain positive and achieve success start being with those who admire and like as a person, who are already successful, take advices from everyone but at last listen to your heart intelligently, if you are not a good decision maker then realise your needs and then decide otherwise read the next step.

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  1. Be smart! make the decision right

Have that caliber and strength of making your decision right, no matter what people are saying, bullying, laughing, the best motivational words are “you cannot do anything” and simply show that you can, research, work hard, use your own brain, realise your strengths and work accordingly.

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  1. Stay healthy and motivated

Yes this is something what people ignores, Everyone knows health is wealth and a better soul is useless without a healthy body because health signifies mental peace. For that eat right food, fruits, drink lot of water, meditate and do yoga or exercise. Take care of your health. If you will ignore this now there will be day when you will completely focus on your bad health and curing that completely will make you neglected from what is your aim.Since having the right kind of food for body is important similarly motivation is the right food for mind which you need to deliver to your mind regularly by listening and watching motivational songs,movies and videos.

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